Everywhere you go there are laws and rules. The rules of the WolfPackProductions IRC channel can be found here for ease of reference. They are not in place to limit your anime enjoyment, or to impede your download of files. They are there to make sure things continue to run smoothly, for both the staff and the 100+ users who are in the channel every day.

:: Rules for #WolfPackProductions ::

Violation of the following rules will result in a kick for moderate offences. A kick merely removes you from the channel. You are not banned and can immediately return. Most IRC clients will automatically rejoin the channel when the user is kicked. Kicks are usually accompantied by a kick message. Consider a kick to be a warning. Severe violations or cases where a user has clearly ignored the rules will result in a ban. When you are banned you cannot speak in the channel, nor can you join it. We run several scripts to enforce certain rules, so some bans will be automatic.

Please do not private message operators. (The people with @ or % by their name)
Please do not request files.
Please do not ask when the next episode of a release will be out or if a show is dropped.
Please use !list and xdcc list but NOT @find or any other locator command. Use !serving to see server rules and !distro to see how to qualify for distro.
Do not sell our episodes on ebay/yahoo/or any other service. We will end your auction and report you.
This is not a tech support channel. Please do not repeatedly ask technical questions.
Please use common sense. We will ban all trouble makers and spammers.
Please do not talk back to ops, avoid bans or bash other fansub channels/people.
If for whatever reason you might find yourself banned, please do us a favour AND DO NOT PRIVATE MSG OR EMAIL US ABOUT YOUR BAN! YOU WILL NEVER BE UNBANNED THAT WAY!
No clones unless one is dedicated to serving files.
Do not argue religion or politics. NEVER DO ANYTHING HOMOPHOBIC OR YOU WILL BE BANNED!
No WB’s or annoying away messages in the channel.
Do not post links to images that contain hentai, pornography or may be found offensive politically, religiously or socially. There is also a zero tolerance policy for excessive role-play.

:: Rules for Serving in #WolfPackProductions ::

The following rules dictate how you should go about serving WolfPackProduction’s fansubs within the channel. Violation of these rules will result in at least a warning kick, but possibly a ban from the channel.

Please use the ‘official’ file names of WPP releases only. If you can’t keep the file names then please do not serve.(Please ask an op in the channel if you have questions regarding proper names for files)
Do not serve re-encodes, raw episodes of our work or dubs of any kind.
We understand people may not choose our releases, but please do not serve releases of other group’s projects that we are also doing in the interest of being fair to the users who do come to our channel for our releases.
Please make sure your fserve works before you use “!voicecheck” (Remember to keep ads silent with /CTCP triggers because you will be automatically kicked if it shows up in the channel!)
If for any reason your fserve is off or down, please use “!devoice me”. Failure to do so will result in a kick or ban depending on the degree of the offense.