:: What do you need help with? ::

» Where can I download Bit Torrent?

» What’s wrong with my Bit Torrent?

» Where can I download an IRC client like mIRC?

» Where are you located on IRC?

» I’m new to IRC. How do I use this program?

» How do I download files from servers in your channel?

» What are your IRC channel’s rules?

::: Where can I download Bit Torrent? :::

You can download the standard Bit Torrent client here.

You can download the Bit Tornado client here.

There are also other clients that have different features. These are the two that we recommend, but you can use another if you’d like.

::: What’s wrong with my Bit Torrent? :::

Here are some common questions and answers regarding Bit Torrent:

Q: Why does my download never seem to complete on Bit Torrent?

A: Always check to make sure there are plenty of Seeds/Peers before downloading a file. You can check this on our torrent homepage found in the menu to the left. All you need is one Seed to complete a download.

Q: Why do I sometimes get the message “bad info” (or something similar) that looks like something is wrong on my Bit Torrent client?

A: The problem is you’re having trouble connecting to other peers through the tracker. This is not a problem with the torrent site, the torrent or the file. Simply wait it out or try stopping and restarting your torrent.

Q: Why is my download speed so slow?

A: Many ISPs are blocking and/or throttling the standard ports that BitTorrent uses to connect to other peers. If you are getting slow speeds on a torrent that has a large number of seeds and peers you may want to try configuring your BT client to connect on other ports. Otherwise your ISP may be restricting your usage of BitTorrent.

Q: Why aren’t there more seeds for episodes of [series] on Bit Torrent?

A: Right now it is very difficult for us to attempt to maintain seeded torrents given that we (the staff and distro) do this ourselves with our own connections. Nearly all of our releases are currently torrented and on the torrent page. If you are looking for something and it is not there yet and it is marked in our “Series” section, please visit the IRC channel to download it. It is also possible that the episode(s) in question is not yet released.

::: Where can I download an IRC client like mIRC? :::

You can download the standard mIRC here.

You can download SysReset here. SysReset allows you to serve files and has several useful additional options.

Obviously there are other ways to access IRC. These are simply the programs we recommend.

::: Where are you located on IRC? :::

If you already know how to use IRC, WolfPackProductions can be found here:

Channel: #WolfPackProductions

Be sure to read the !rules when you get there if you are not already familiar with them. And be sure to read the topic for other important information!

::: I’m new to IRC. How do I use this program? :::

If you’ve never used mIRC before, this quick tutorial will help you through your initial use.

First, run mIRC from the directory you installed it to. By default, mIRC installs to C:\mIRC\mirc.exe
Upon opening the program, a small “About mIRC” window will appear. Click “continue” and move on. Note, after 30 days, when this pops up, the continue button will be grey at first. Wait a few moment and it will become clickable.

Now there will be window that opens called “mIRC Options”. It is currently on the “connect” options. Fill out the information. Try to choose a unique nickname, because the one you first try might be taken already.
Here is an example: