Founded by a group of friends on IRC, Wolfpack Productions was first established on Dalnet in the summer of 2002. After breaking away from A&D, we created our own channel where we could distribute our first fansubs of Digimon Frontier and chat about Digimon and well, just about anything. Since then, we have moved around to other servers, including Aniverse, MircX, and now Zirc, and we have picked up a variety of anime series to fansub, such as Rockman.EXE and Sonic X. The founders of WPP are Izumi and Cyberdramon, but good luck finding either of them with that nick on IRC. :P

Note that we fansub anime for free, and we are not affiliated with any entertainment companies such as Saban, Disney, etc. We do not permit selling or renting of our fansubs for profit in any shape or form, and that includes auctioning on eBay. If you see our fansubs for sale anywhere, please let us know and more importantly, do NOT buy them.

Also, our policy on subtitling licensed anime is as follows: if a show will be released uncut, uncensored, in Japanese with English subtitles, we will drop the show as a project. However, as in the case of Digimon, if only dubbed and/or cut versions are available, we will continue to subtitle a series we pick as a project and will not drop it unless we explicitly announce it as dropped.