:: 7.15.2012 ::

In a place far far away for most of us (Germany), two of the persons making up the WPP staff actually got married yesterday.(Yet another WPP wedding!)
I am sure that I can say the following on behalf of the ((semi-)retired) WPP staff: congratulations to you both, Shadowmon and Yukimon.

Attending from WPP:
Thadir (distro and not staff, but who cares XD)

(Hopefully I did not miss anyone…)

:: by pinwing@05:52 ::

:: 7.08.2012 ::
Complete Axess batch now available on our tracker site! http://wolfpack.extracaffeine.com/index.php .

:: by PokerDog@20:20 ::

:: 7.04.2012 ::
You thought we were done? Now for the encore! Rockman.EXE Axess 51 and Stream episode 1 are out in the channel. Happy Anniversary to us, and thank you all for sticking with us these past 10 years!

:: by Gaia@23:00 ::

Rockman.EXE Axess 50 is out in the chan too!

:: by Gaia@22:02 ::

Where were we? Oh yeah, Axess 49 and Beast+ 9 available in chan!

:: by Gaia@21:00 ::

Let’s keep on Roll.EXE-ing with Rockman.EXE Axess 48 and Beast+ 8. They are in the channel on the SynIRC network. Also, we’re recruiting a full/part-time editor for most of our series. Please inquire on the forums or in the channel.

:: by Taka@20:00 ::

Rockman.EXE Axess 47 and Beast+ 7 are out in the chan. Also, we’re now recruiting a full/part-time editor for most of our series. Please inquire on the forums or in the chan.

:: by Gaia@19:00 ::

Rockman.EXE Axess 46 is out now. Also, a very special Digimon Adventure 02 episode to me, ep 23. The dub of this is what started me down the path to Digimon, and I’m very pleased that after all these years, I finally get to take part in bringing the original subbed to you.

:: by Gaia@18:03 ::

Apparently we are not done yet, as Rockman.EXE Axess 45 and Digimon Adventure 22 have just been released (still in the channel only).

:: by pinwing@17:01 ::

Rockman.EXE Axess 44 and Digimon Adventure 21 have also been released (in the channel).

:: by pinwing@16:00 ::

Continuing on with Rockman.EXE Axess ep 43 and Digimon Adventure ep 20 in the chan~!

:: by Gaia@15:01 ::

The party’s back with Digimon Adventure episode 19 and Rockman.EXE Axess 42 released in the channel~!

:: by Gaia@14:01 ::

:: 7.03.2012 ::
Happy 4th of July and 10th Anniversary for us! We’re going to kick off the celebrations with the release of Digimon Frontier episode 1 version 2 and Rockman.EXE Axess 41. However, they will be in-channel releases only for now. So stop into the channel to celebrate with us! Also, check out the forums for a few words from our staff. Don’t forget to check back later today as we release some more fireworks to brighten your night!

:: by Gaia@23:00 ::

:: 7.01.2012 ::
New torrent page is up at http://wolfpack.extracaffeine.com/index.php. Sorry, the old page had to be deleted so we could rebuild it in case there was something in the site itself which was causing our host’s server to go haywire.

:: by Gaia@07:46 ::

:: 6.23.2012 ::
As many of you may have noticed, our torrent site is now disabled due to usage issues with our provider. *cough*stupidGoDaddypullingtheplug*cough*. However, we’re working on rebuilding a new torrent site. Our forums are still active, as is our IRC chan, which has always been the preferred way to get all our current releases.

Also, our 10th anniversary is coming up, and veterans know what that usually means. So feel free to come join us in the chan on the 4th of next month as we celebrate our looooong (and I do mean long) history of doing this stuff.

Lastly, we’re recruiting as always. Still need translators, timers, TSers and now editors. Feel free to contact me in the chan if you’re interested in any of those positions.

Has anybody used this SEO company in Phoenix? I’m looking to start ranking on a few of my sites and I have heard that they are the best.

:: by Gaia@21:26 ::

:: 1.01.2012 ::
Happy New Year, everyone! To start off the new year, we have a release of Rockman.EXE Axess episode 40 coming your way. So pick it up in the chan or on the torrent page.

:: by Gaia@19:59 ::